Alexis Laguna

I can’t believe how much time has passed since I put on my first pair of shiny tap shoes and shuffle-ball-changed on stage with my red button up and cowboy hat for what was formerly Bette White Dance Co. I’m even more amazed at how far the company has come since its transition into iDance and the diversity of dance that it represents. For me dance has always been about passion, endurance, discipline, balance, and creativity. I’m currently in my second year of medical school and it’s safe to say that all of those core values have translated so effortlessly into my endeavors now. Dance has been one of my most challenging life experiences physically, mentally & emotionally, but the work put in has always returned 10-fold in rewards. Thank you for the honor of letting me represent what has been like a second home to me for the majority of my life; I love you iDance and I’m so proud of the family I’ve built through you! REMEMBER: IF YOU CAN HANDLE DANCE, YOU CAN HANDLE ANYTHING LIFE THROWS AT YOU! -Alexis Laguna

Danyai Tosado

Dancing was my life, I always wanted to be at the studio! It was my safe place, if anything was going wrong in school… dance would make me feel at ease. We were a family. I take lessons from dance and use them in my everyday life: working together, working hard, training to get better, ask questions, and to always stay humble.
I take lessons from Idance and use them in my everyday life: working together, working hard, training to get better, ask questions, and to always stay humble. -Danyai Tosado

Jonathan Merced

Foundation is key to being successful in any field of work and relationship. I was blessed to be given a foundation of dance by Annette “Dancette” Pratts. She gave me the skills I needed to be able to build my vision on my foundation that she helped mold! She gave me the tools and space to be able to create at a young age and blossom into the artist I am today. I have been an educator of dance now for 12 years. Being able to travel and spread my knowledge of dance is a dream come true. I am also co owner of JDAgency with Drew James. Where we ourselves are creating artists and allowing the youth to have a safe place where they can learn, create and be able to make their dreams come true! Dancette thank you for seeing what I didn’t see in myself at 15. I appreciate what you and “iDance” did for me!
-Jonathan Merced

Kiana Rosa

I started at Idance when it first began. Formerly a student at Bette White Dance Studio, I started with Idance at its inception and continued until I graduated from high school. After high school I attended Mason Gross School of the Arts where I completed my B.F.A. in dance and then performed professionally starting the year upon graduation. One of the unique opportunities Idance provided for my dance training were the continuous performance throughout the year. Unlike a typical studio, where everyone is gearing up for the end of the year recital, Idance provided the unique opportunity to audition for additional performances throughout the year, including Love for the Arts where students were offered guidance to exercise their creativity by choreographing and then showcasing their own work. This prepared me for college and even more so for the professional dance world, where it is often that a choreographer will ask her/his dancers to improvise or choreograph movement based on the movement vocabulary already being utilized within the piece they’re working on.
I can also thank Idance for providing me a space where hard work and discipline were valued and practiced, something anyone will benefit from, whether he or she continues dancing or not. -Kiana Rosa

Andre Martin

My name is Andre Martin and I’m currently an entertainer/ dancer for ( New York Knicks, Rangers, Mets and Jets) before I dance I was in a place where I was trying to figure out if I wanted to dance anymore. I dance brought out my love and confidence for dance and myself. Idance has taught me to have more of a open mind and allowed me to expand my horizons. With out I dance I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today let alone have the confidence I have! And last but not least I created a bond with some amazing people trough dance all because of Dancette and idance!!

Tyree Bey

My name is Tyree Bey and I’m currently attending a performance arts college called the American Musical Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, California. I’m a BFA dance theater major. This is my last year of college. I graduate May 30, 2020 and I’m very excited to start the next chapters in my dance career. Being apart of the I-Dance family has made a big impact on my dance career and the way I see myself as a professional dancer. I-Dance studio taught me how to never give up on myself even when things starts to get hard, never get to comfortable cause anything could happen, and always put your best foot forward no matter what.

Nicole Sociedade

I would not be who I am today without dance. Dance became a part of my life at 13 and not only has it shaped me, but it helped me get to where I am today. It taught me discipline, commitment and taught me how to work hard. It taught me how to be humble, diversity and how to be a team player. It has been my means of therapy to get me through tough times, it has brought me joy and happiness and allowed me to find myself and express myself in special ways. Through dance, I have built life long friendships and created some of the best memories. I am now 27 and an occupational therapist working at rehabilitation hospital for patients with neurological, orthopedic, and varying debilitating conditions. Although I no longer dance full-time, I continue to carry dance close with me on my life’s journey. Whether its through my hobbies as a dance fitness instructor, connecting with my dance friends, using dance as therapy for my patients or myself, or just breaking it down busting moves at a party or in my room, dance will forever be a part of who I am. I can’t imagine my life it. -Nicole Sociedade

Ameer Brooks

“Now djing for 11 years, I spent a lot of my journey at Idance. Doing certain events and helping with cutting music. Idance really impacted my knowledge of music and the music business. Without Idance I wouldn’t have been able to really grow as a dj and build up the skills that I needed” -Ameer Brooks

Angelique Williams

I started attending IDance from the fourth grade all the way up to my junior year of high school. I was also a member of the company team which allowed me to dance in a Disney parade, perform at charity events, and compete with my team. One of my favorite memory from IDance was creating wonderful friendships. Dancette, the owner has created a family environment and I never hesitate to stop by and visit the dance school. Even though I’m focused on other endeavors now such as modeling, dance has become an important part of my life and I never miss a chance to attend workshops wherever and whenever I can. Being an IDance student has not only helped me to build physical skills, but has also developed my confidence into the person I am today.
Angelique Williams


It was more than the technique that I learned. It was more than the training that was instilled. It was
acceptance of who I was becoming –a confident young girl blossoming into a confident young woman.
Inspirational Dance was a beautiful journey that I had the blessed opportunity to embark upon, which
catapulted me into my professional career as a performer. I have been able to apply my Idance
experience in various realms of the entertainment industry including my time on the road with the Dirty
Dancing National Tour. I am forever grateful for Dancette and the entire Idance family. -Erica Philpot

Shaina Barry

“I started at Idance when I was in sixth grade, and now I currently graduated from Penn State University. Idance has impacted my life in so many ways. I’ve met some of my best friends, learned how to discipline myself and learned how far I can push myself- physically and mentally. Although I don’t dance on a team anymore, I still find myself learning dances I see on social media and use the tools and techniques that I learned from all my teachers at Idance. Idance is a second family for me and allowed me to use dance as away to express myself in ways that words could never do. I’m so grateful to have joined Idance, I’ve made some amazing memories with people I’ll never forget.” -Shaina Barry

Keyanna Allen

Hi, my name is Keyanna Allen. I am an Idance Alumna from the Class of 2016. Currently, I am a senior at Albright College. I’m a double major in Political Science and Criminology with a minor in legal studies. After college, I will become a middle school history teacher at North Star Academy Charter school and later on continue my academic journey in law school. I’m involved in several organizations here on campus. I am the president of African American society, on the official Albright College Dance Team, a part of the National Student’s of Leadership and Success, in Alpha Kappa Delta honor society, and much more. Dance has always been a major part of my life. Idance has helped me in more ways than one. Being a child from an urban city, there was a lot of trauma that I saw growing up. However, Idance and the wonderful Dancette were my safe haven. Both taught me discipline and determination for my success. I am forever grateful for the love and care at Idance. We will always be family no matter what!